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The recent events in Washington, D.C., only crystallized what I already knew, that our country has two competing stories, and at the center of those stories is power and race. It's hard to address my children's questions about why, in this moment, a predominantly white mob would garner such favoritism relative to a peaceful Black assembly in the same place. To see the dual interpretations of threat play out before your eyes, reveals and stirs that sense of inequity. It was hard not to be afraid for the future because of how much this untethered terror reminded me of the worst of our past.Baltimore Orioles

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Still, almost until the moment that Bloom selected Cora, some members of the organization still believed he'd choose Fuld. Even Cora had his doubts. When he was officially reintroduced in early November, many believed he had been forced on baseball operations by ownership. Bloom denied it, knowing few would believe him, but multiple team sources back him up.Kansas City Royals


Personalized MLB Baseball Cap Design

Top five 1. 2011 Phillies (102 wins): 17.3 WAR (Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee) 2. 2019 Astros (107 wins): 14.1 WAR (Justin Verlander and Cole) 3. 2010 Phillies (97 wins): 14.0 WAR (Halladay and Lee) 4. 2017 Nationals (97 wins): 13.7 WAR (Max Scherzer and Gio Gonzalez) 5. 2017 Indians (102 wins): 13.1 WAR (Kluber and Carlos Carrasco)St. Louis Cardinals

It starts with the offense, which was always loaded with top players. This was easy to forget.

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Sunday's home runs went to right field, right field, and dead center. Martinez is a force from foul pole to foul pole, yanking fastballs into the left field corner and taking breaking balls over the right field fence. Always a clinician at the plate, he is as locked in as he has ever been, and that includes 29 home runs in just 62 games with the Diamondbacks in 2017.

Later, Roberts said: “I thought it was great to bring Tommy back to Dodger Stadium today. For me, I got a little choked up thinking about Tommy not being here.”

As Chafin continues to deliver on the mound, Cubs fans now have the opportunity to return the favor off the field.Minnesota Twins

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