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Leonard took the Pacers to the ABA Finals in his first season - and four more times over the next six years, winning titles in 1969-70, 1971-72 and 1972-73.Toronto Raptors

"And they were discussing an extension. It reminded me of a pre-draft workout. I remember those days and where he's come from, and where he is today and all that he's gone through to get there.Phoenix Suns

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I don’t think we have time to get into what happened here on an individual level. This was a weird draft in a weird season. Things like scouting probably weren’t as easy as usual, and there’d long been a narrative that this was a weak draft, so teams likely valued fit a little more than they valued talent. Evans, for example, is an undersized point guard. The talent is there, but I’m sure some teams were worried about putting another small guard in their backcourt. Mack doesn’t stretch the floor, so teams that want shooting at the 5 overlooked the fact that she’s an elite interior talent.

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Custom Picture NBA Puzzle

Thursday morning, Lillard used the hashtag ‘What Could Have Been’ when replying to Aldridge’s announcement on Instagram.

Washington Wizards: Russell Westbrook had a rough first half of the season, at least by his standards, but the All-Star guard has been much improved since the All-Star break. During the last 19 games, his numbers have improved by an average of 3.5 PPG, 2.4 RPG, 2.5 APG and his shooting has also taken a sharp turn for the better, shooting 1.9% better from the field, 9.9% better from the free throw line, and 3.2 % better from beyond the 3-point arc.Portland Trail Blazers

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''Pacers fans will remember Bobby `Slick' Leonard as the spirit of our franchise,'' team owner Herb Simon said in a statement. ''With a charisma, intensity, and wit to match his nickname, Slick made us champions.Sacramento Kings

Williams scored 16 points and had seven rebounds and four assists in a one-point win over the Blazers on Tuesday.

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