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"It's not to say that every coach should be Black, but when situations like these come up, how many times has a Black coach had a chance to coach two champions on it in terms of Brooklyn? I haven't seen it," Chicago Bulls guard Garrett Temple, who is a vice president of the players' association, told ESPN. "With that being said, things are not equal in my opinion still, and it would be unrealistic to expect it a year removed.Boston Red Sox

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But as far as making a move? Nope. No firings planned, no big DFAs, and almost certainly no big trades until it gets a few months closer to the July deadline.

Last year's Home Run Derby was canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic. The 2021 edition will take place July 12 at Colorado's Coors Field after Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game and related festivities from Atlanta.

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“I’ve heard a lot about the rivalry,” said Tatis, who hasn’t been alive for most of it. “We’re part of it, and we’re playing very good baseball. It’s just great being part of that history now.”San Diego Padres

If the Colorado Rockies could play all of their games at home, they would be a lot higher in this power rankings, as they are 7-7 inside Coors Field and 0-6 on the road. Colorado does have a bright spot in starter Jon Gray, who was a top prospect of the team what seems like decades ago and has found his groove in 2021. Firing Jeff Bridich might help.Toronto Blue Jays

Trea Turner $22 and Juan Soto $21 have top-shelf salaries on Yahoo today, but that can be mitigated with Josh Bell $8 and Kyle Schwarber $13 while still getting the top half of the order. While he tends to limit the big innings, targeting the Nationals bats against Wainwright is still a prudent move.St. Louis Cardinals

Traditional MLB Woven Placema

“I know a lot of guys didn’t like it, and they blamed it on me,” Valentine told Grossfeld. “And I said, ‘What the [expletive]? I’m going to have a cooler in my office. You want to come in? Come on in.’”

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