New project - Bottom bracket rebuild!

The axle on my 1962 developed a "wiggle" - due to wear on the square taper. This is a very common issue with older axles and is a big problem because the (very beautiful) original cranks and chainring can no longer be secured to the axle without movement. I will be working with David Choma to engineer and build a complete replacement bottom bracket based on the old Waffenrad axle dimensions. This is very exciting and we will make the bottom bracket available to our members for their own projects once it is complete!


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    Here are images of the chainring and the old axle (with dimensions). Note the considerable wear on the square taper - this is the cause of the problem. Unfortunately this is the number 1 reason that older Waffenrad's have BB issues.

  • And here is the new axle (seems almost NOS?) which I sourced from (username Witti). David Choma and I will use this as a basis for taking measurement to engineer the next BB assembly.

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