Cold weather cycling!

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Come and join us for some cold weather cycling as the mercury heads south - probably for the last time this season. Should be suitably nippy on Wednesday or Thursday evening. This will be a good opportunity to test your winter clothing strategy and find any weak points...!

Date and location to be confirmed!


  • Would be good, but had a part breaking again on the wheel!

    Good luck, guys!

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    OK guys - so now we have a light snow cover - enough to make it pretty slippery... If anyone is interested lets meet tomorrow (Thursday) at Zsivago at 7:30pm! Forecast is not super cold should be around -6C or -7C. Not -15C for sure but there you go. The ride should be around 45mins.

  • Tomorrow is rescheduled for 19:00 at Zsivago if there are any takers!

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