Common problem nr.3 - the break is loose

This happened to me a few times. The old metal joints or the screws just give up in the crucial moment.

Little parts bent (or break off), the vehicle itself is unable to slow down just via "Stempelbremse" for example.

To fix the bent metal parts is not a bif deal. Yet one should take in consideration how much more to particular piece can take. In the following case the metal clip was easily reshaped into ideal position.


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    DeerMan never uses the front break - just the rear coaster brake. The front brake really has no stopping power and is basically useless - just something to show the police, as you are legally required to have a front brake. Relying only on the coaster brake for stopping requires a more alert riding style - anticipating potential problems rather than reacting. This is more like riding fixed gear.

  • Agree.

    It needs to be pracitced.

    Since when a car is showing up from behind another parking or a pedestrian walking in the middle of the road out of nowhere - in an urban environment like on the field, which is common in Budapest -, you sometimes grab instead of push.


  • It helps to look ahead, look under parked cars to see if there are feet / shadows etc. Also any intersections where cars may suddenly appear need to be logged and treated with great caution. It helps to follow the same routes day in and day out so that you know every aspect of the route - intersections / road surface etc. All of these aspects fall under the category of "defensive cycling" - basically manage the space around you at all times (360 degrees) and don't take risks if you don't have all of the information...

  • Also keep out of reach of parked cars - they may open their doors suddenly. This may mean that you have to take a aggressive position in the middle of a one-way street to maintain adequate space. Be prepared to accelerate rapidly if required though!

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