Founders of Waffenradforums visit hidden bicycle workshop on Csepel Island

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A few weeks ago we indulged in an excursion to ask for advise from Dávid, one the leading experts in veteran bicycle repair; a specialist regarding hubs.

The cycling tour lasted a few hours. We took a casual ride within the old factory complex of Csepel Industries and as a means of commemoration we checked out the memorial plaquettes at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Entrance of "Csepel Művek"

Rocky road to the workshop

Buildings in all sorts of shapes (regular Budapest sight these times)

Entrance to hidden workshop

The workshop itself

Interesting blokes appearing and disappearing in the labyrinth of assembly rooms

Chief engineer rushing to greet us

Deerman explaining minor difficultuies to be solved

A quik answer follows

The workshop - clean and ready for work

Bikes in a line - lots of work to do!

Csepel Island architecture I.

Csepel Island architecture II.

Csepel Island architecture III.

Csepel Island architecture IV.

PLAQUETTES AT THE ENTRANCE - we took a minute to honor and remember


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