Budapest Bike Maffia (BBM)

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Budapest Bike Maffia’s background body:

Bike Maffia Association

Address: Gergely utca 116, 1108, Budapest

International contact:
Ildikó Tóth

Account No:16200151-18519259

IBAN: HU46162001511851925900000000 – Swift BIC: HBWEHUHB

Legal entry No:15439

(Metropolitan Tribunal)

Budapest Bike Mafia (BBM), one of Hungary’s most dynamic growing civil society organizations, which young riders called to life on Christmas Day 2011. The organization is made up of civilians who carry out direct work in innovative ways to help those in need.

The core business of fundraising, donations and delivery of these bikes to those in need. The new implementation is characterized by its simplicity, social work combines elements of volunteering, charity, cycling.



Address: Károly krt. 10, Budapest


Direct contacts:

· Vitamin commando: Noémi Poós

· Community cooking: Noémi Poós

· Animal shelter support: Ádám Karl –

· Communication and awareness-raising activities:: Havasi Zoltán

· +1 sandwich: Ágnes Pakot

· Team building: Csilla Czirják

· My Budapest Photo Project: Bernadett Fekete


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