MARCH 28 - Let's have a drink here: Grease Monkey BAR 21:30

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They had their "Grease Monkey BAR soft Opening" party on 23rd, 2019!!!

The design is awesome!


Address: 1065 Budapest, Lázár u. 7. - in a side street between Opera and Bazilika!

For more:

Kép forrása / picture source: Picdeer /


  • I'm up for a steampunk-inspired drink

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    The meeting was a great success since it turned out the guys are still building the place, inviting us in and keeping us entertained for hours:

    • showing us around in the incredible self-designed spaces (catacombs) of the bar
    • including private (later rentable) chambers and Indiana Jones style rainforest escape game rooms with dead skeleton Conquistadors and stone tablets turning
    • drinks of course
    • and a nice chat

    These boys are building each wall, ceiling themselves integrating former Corvin Mozi arm-charis... according to official stats being busy for 1,5 years by now!
    The interior design is astonishing, also including functioning light switches, which look like Blake Transmitters or more so Antique Electrical Knife Switches.


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    Out of respect and due to the general company policy of not exposing the bar's secrets ahead of their official launch - SPOILER ALERT -:

    we only publish a few photographs reflecting on the magnificent execution of this highly professional set:

    stairs leading down into the sci-fit pit - like entering a submarine

    lights at the bar can be adjusted to the mood and the number of guests

    endless catacombs, room leading into room into escape game into locker into workshop into storage room

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