Laurin & Klement - Automobile company

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Laurin & Klement

Founded: December 18, 1895, Mlada Boleslav, Czechia
Successor: Škoda Auto


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  • Laurin & Klement: the Factory With a Cycling Dream

    by Martin Mrazek - January 7, 2016

    Václav Klement’s first job was basically walking a cow in circles a at a blacksmith’s shop all day long. Luckily his teacher saw that as a significant setback for one of his gifted students and got him a job as an apprentice at a local bookstore.

    Young Klement soon made a name for himself and moved to Mlada Boleslav, where he gradually took over one of the local bookstores. His true love was cycling though and he even started a small (and ilegal) bike delivery business in the back of his shop.

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    Laurin & Klement - Bicycles and Motorcycles "SLAVIA"

    Václav Laurin - born 1865 September 27th, Václav Klement – 1868 October 16th

    The company was set up the end of 1895

    1895 - The small machinist workshop with two employees was opened one week before Christmas holiday on street Benátská, Mladá Boleslav

    1896 - The first season, bicycle production started with five bicycles models (models 0 to 5)

    1897 - The second season, the company offered still five models with small improvment

    1898 - The third season, the new factory buildings was built with 1100 sq meters, new models under pattern number from 7 to 14, first tandem

    1899 - The fourth season, models from 17 to 32, Acaténe models (drive shaft system) and first bicycle with engine

    1900 - The fift season, bicycles, transport machines and motorcycles

    1906 - The first model of car was offered by company catalogue!


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