Longterm improper keeping of bicycles - Hosszútávon helytelen kerékpártárolás

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A few thoughts on that / ide néhány gondolat a témában:

  • room temperature is best for bicycles / szobahőmérsékleten tárold kerékpárod

  • don't leave your bicycle out in the rain or cold (winter) for long / ne hagyd kint kerékpárod a szabadban eső idején, pláne télen

  • if you leave for a journey, take the bike inside (house, flat, a building at least) / ha elutazol, főleg hosszabb időre, vidd be a bicót (házba, lakásba, épületbe legalábbis)

  • if you leave it outside for long, it will be taken apart/ ha kint hagyod, ki fogják figyelni, és szét fogják kapni

(at least in Hungary / legalábbis Magyarországon)


  • Another example... Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, Budapest:


    ... but what is for sale?

  • Yes - all very true. I know storage space is an issue for many, but keeping your bike outside greatly shortens it's lifespan. I sleep with my Waffenrad's every night! :0 They are happy and continue as my trusty steeds, never failing to get me from A to B even in the most challenging weather! This brings me to a related issue - if you ride in the rain then you must clean the bike the same day. Water and grime left on the frame and drive train will quickly lead to rusting.

  • Left alone bicycle in Vas utca(Budapest), 2020. Recently spotted!

  • Another example found in Budapest, presumably in the VIII. district...

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