Danish Cyclists' Federation

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We get more people to cycle

Four decades with a decreasing cycling mode share have been reversed during the last four years. This is indeed related to the 134 million € National Cycle Fund for projects all around the country issued by the Danish parliament back in 2009. That money had never been allocated to cycling without the active lobbyism by the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation’s four national cycling campaigns have more than 250,000 participants every year. Last year’s edition of the Bike to School campaign generated more than 5,000 new child cyclists on the bicycle lanes.
We increase safety

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation creates better traffic safety for cyclists. For example, the number of right-turn accidents has dropped remarkably in few years as a result of a broad collaboration between the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, the Danish Road Safety Council, the transport sector, and the Danish Road Directorate.

Contact information

Head Office
Head of Communication
Jane Kofod
+45 22 17 55 88
Klaus Bondam
+45 40 70 83 65

For more: https://www.cyklistforbundet.dk/english

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