Swiss Army Bicycles

Swiss Army Bicycles

Combine a love of singlespeeds, off-roading, old military bikes and stuff built like tanks and there is only one bike to ride - the Swiss Army Bike (or 'Militärvelo'). We recently picked up a really clean and original example and as with the Parabikes would like to share some information and photos of these amazing machines. Links to other Militärvelo websites can be found at the base of this page.

The model here is the MO 05 (yes, that's 1905) and this 100 year old design served the Swiss Army until the 1990's. It existed virtually unchanged for the whole of the 20th century and remains a legend in its home Country. Its short lived replacement was the equally weighty MO 93 with a more modern MTB inspired design, updated components and seven gears.

These are seriously overbuilt bikes with incredibly thick lugs and tubing. Weight is more than twice a typical modern XC mountain-bike at over 50 lbs. The drivetrain with 3/16" chain appears bulletproof and three brakes are fitted; a coaster, a rear drum and the 19th century design front pad acting directly on the tyre.

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