AUGUST 3 - Cycling around town visiting last old school pubs

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MEETING point:

Budapest, Hunyadi tér - in front of VI. district Market Hall


I'm in the mood to take a few people (4-5-6, max 8) around town
and show you the real Budapest kocsma scene (similar to Kneipe in German culture,
or naming something söntés which is in French comptoir)...

... it is the last epoch when you can still discover these. Thousands (literally!)
of traditional places have disappeared over the last 10 years. Come along,
cycle a bit and taste traditional snacks away from (by now) fake ruin pubs
overloaded with stag tourists.

If you want I can bring illustraitons and explain some history!

We will end up at a Traveller's & Student's meeting on Deák tér around 19:00-19:30

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BICYCLE, BUT WANT TO RENT you can do it here for example:

here are few rental companies


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