Best casual cycling commuter wear – a buyer’s guide



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The last few years have seen a boom in clothes that work well on the bike but also look normal when you're off it, so you can sit in the pub or at your desk in your riding gear without people think you're waiting for the start of a Tour de France stage. Here are some of our favourites.

Let's get this out of the way: you don't need special clothes to ride a bike. If you're nipping to the shops, or riding any fairly short distance, then whatever you're wearing will be just fine. For a ride of up to around five miles any old clobber will do unless you're determined to crack Strava segment records on the way.

But there are plenty of situations where you want to ride for longer but not have to faff about changing clothes. Meeting friends at a country pub, say, or a longer ride to the office on a Spring day. That's where dual-purpose clothing comes in: you can ride bike comfortably while wearing it, and you'll still be comfortable at work, the pub or even at a nice restaurant.

Dual purpose gear differs from both regular clothes and sportier cycling gear in a number of ways.

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