What makes a great city bike?

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What matters to me in a city bike:

I had a list this time. Quite a long list, of all the things that were important to me in a bike:

  • good internal gears - I like to be able to change down when stopped at lights, and the thought of dropping a chain off an external derailleur, while loaded up with kids and/or shopping fills me with dread.
  • aluminium frame - because as well as being lighter to handle, they are also resistant to rust, important to me when I often park my bike on the back porch.
  • an upright riding position – I find this more comfortable, it gave me more space when my son was little and rode in front of me, and I like to be able to make eye contact with drivers, so I know they’ve seen me.
  • good quality – there is nothing more frustrating than equipment that doesn’t work as it should, and I knew that if my bike wasn’t enjoyable to ride, this would result in me riding less often!
  • easy to mount kid seats to – I wanted a step through bike to make it easy to get on and off if I had a kid seat on the front or the back, plus enough room that I didn’t need to ride with my knees out to the side. A carrier strong enough to take a rear seat was a bonus, but not absolutely vital.
  • ability to carry other stuff too – a rear rack to mount panniers, or a basket or rack on the front, so that I could carry some shopping home, my laptop to work, or all the assorted kids stuff that I often cart around.
  • well priced - I didn't want the cheapest bike on the market, but neither did I want the most expensive! It needed to be a good price relative to the quality and features I wanted.
  • PLUS, it needed to look good!! - I wanted something that I liked, and that fit with me and my style!

Full article: https://theurbancyclist.co.nz/blogs/adventures-in-urban-cycling/what-makes-a-great-city-bike

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