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MOST INTERESTING on the other hand is THE FOLLOWING!!! A Bike Clubs listing:


The only Hungarian club mentioned is the following:

Name: Evolúció Kerékpár Üzlet
// Szervíz ,Club (Evolution Bike Shop, Service, and Club)
Address: Széchenyi Street 17.
Location: Kisbér 2870 Hungary

**Desrciption: **
It is a small shop and owner of that a young guy, who not only runs the business but he is an active sport man on amateur MTB competitions in Hungary and organizes the life of the local bike club. And if you need quick support (advice, maintenance... etc) this guy forgets the closing time, and helps until it is needed for you.
Perhaps at first look the range of the part and bike seems not too wide, but this shop is official distributor of Focus, Csepel and some other bike brands and parts

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