BICYCLES IN VIDEOGAMES - looking back on the topic in 2020

There are obviously not only special effects object and 3D animated bikes present as decoration in such media.
Here we will check out a few other examples...

The i-game deco effect


  • Can You Create A Video Game While Cycling?

    MAY 12, 2017
    Written by: Miikka Harjuntausta

    Two game developers take an unprecedented game development journey from Helsinki to Malmö on May 12th – 17th creating a game while they cycle.

    The duo travels with a tandem bike creating as green game as possible. The game jam happens on the saddle. One codes, the other one steers and solar panels produce electricity. Final destination of the team is Nordic Game Conference where the game will be displayed for fellow game developers around the world. The challenge is accompanied with a custom made computer attached to the bike and loads of Finnish game developer insanity.

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    Extreme Bike - urban downhill videogame trailer 1

  • ‘Cycling video game’ app Zwift receives $120 million investment to develop it as an esport
    by eSports | December 19, 2018

    The multiplayer online training and cycling video game-esque app Zwift has secured a $120 million investment that will be partly used to fund its expansion as an esport.

    Zwift players ride training bicycles indoors while watching their in-game avatar cycle, as hard as they do, through virtual tracks on a TV screen or tablet device they have connected the game to.

    Zwift, available on PC, Mac, Apple TV, iOS and Android, has become very popular among cycling enthusiasts, with around a million registered users.

    Even professional cyclists have come to use the game to train in comfort, as 65 of the 176 professional riders in the 2018 Tour de France has registered in Zwift.

    “Zwift has transformed the way the professional peloton trains. Before Zwift, there is no way I would have chosen to ride an indoor trainer. Now though, I genuinely enjoy it; it appeals to the gamer in me,” claimed 30-time Tour de France stage winner Mark Cavendish.

    “We are in the unique position of being able to combine affordable physical endeavour with video gaming technology,” said Zwift co-founder and CEO Eric Min.

    According to a report by Forbes, Zwift secured the investments from its Series B funding round that was led by venture capital firm Highland Europe. Other investors included the likes of investment firm True, and Causeway Media, a sports-specific investment vehicle led by Boston Celtics owners Wyc Grousbeck and Mark Wan.

    Zwift earlier announced its plans to create a virtual league table for professional cycling teams. The game’s KISS Super League has already secured participation from four professional cycling teams.

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    Zwift is a massively multiplayer online cycling and running videogame and physical training program that enables users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world.

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