SUMMER RAD™ 2020 - Showroom pop-up festival in Budapest: news thread

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Complete line-up (bands, performers, associations, special guests, etc.)!!!

Coming soon... location was planned to be the same as last year, but global events forced us to rethink our holidays!


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    As to the fact that the above posted venue we used to favour multiple times is now compromised, we decided to have a rather casual cycling event this year!

    We definitely don't want to give up on the tradition having our meetings expanding into a multiartist gathering.

    So we decided to do something in the city - also in accordance with the restrictions caused by Covid -!

    Let's cycle from venue to venue introducing you to the newest multicultural and conceptual brunch places and pubs. Plan is to have DJs and an exhibition as well... as always!

    Stay tuned, we are currently arranging a suitable date with each venue! Social media post will be added soon after.

  • Details about the event in 12-14 days. Social media uploads will follow!

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