Historic Hungarian Bicycle posters SERIES NR.4 # worker class comfort

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Early 1950s. The Communist ideal of a self-mobilized post-WW2 society in Hungary.
Check out the direct imagery in the background - symbolism of heavy industry! Till 1989,
throughout the century mostly supported by Russia to sustain the main ideology,
the factory worker cult was boosted by raw materials arriving from the East to be refined
and turned into goods.

Positive attitude? You only have to reach out for technology, it seems. This era in fact is the one,
where cycling and having a car resulted in social friction. Till into the late 1960 and more so into the 1970s,
cars became a status symbol beyond measure. You have to have one to be a man?
To be someone. For real... Cycling is till this day considered a low-class activity by the upper classes,
and by those growing up in the former regime. Hello 2020! It will take time till changes occur!

Thanks to cyclist clubs, delivery groups, civil platforms and cyclist donation groups:
Budapest is becoming a cyclist town more and more!! To mention the current major of town
would be a political statement, although he prefers a bicycle, they say, it's that simple... nonetheless it's about time!

Picture source: picture was sent to us by a fan following forum uploads

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