STAY @ HOME series 2020 #2: Girl on a Bicycle (2013)

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Girl on a Bicycle (German: Liebe und andere Turbulenzen; "Love and Other Turbulence") is a 2013 English-language independent romantic comedy directed and written by Jeremy Leven, produced by Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann, and starring Vincenzo Amato, Nora Tschirner, Paddy Considine, Louise Monot, and Stéphane Debac. Girl on a Bicycle was filmed in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and Paris, France. - Wikipédia (for more click here)

Released / Megjelenés dátuma: 7th march 2013. ( Germany/ Németország)
Director / Rendező: Jeremy Leven
Soundtrack / Zenéjét szerezte: Craig Richey
Script / Forgatókönyv: Jeremy Leven
Producers / Producerek: Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann

Picture sources:, wikipédia

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