What Future Are You Designing For? - bicycle depiction in Robert Crumb comic strip

What Future Are You Designing For?

by Christina Noonan - Jul 7, 2016

Admittedly, I’m a big sci-fi nerd & video game enthusiast. I love seeing other perspectives about what the future will hold, including technological advances, the rise (or demise) of civilization, and the new sorts of moral choices individuals face in this new future. In this short read, I intend to share a lens to view different possibilities for our future, explore the common themes driving them, and present a series of design considerations to address these commonalities.

American cartoonist, Robert Crumb saw our future diverging in three main directions:

Worst Case Scenario: Ecological Disaster
The FUN Future: Techno-Fix on the March!
The Ecotopian Solution

Full article: https://medium.com/design-intelligence/what-future-are-you-designing-for-2868cf3b5e4b

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