Home storage ideas for your bike By Josh Palmer | Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

Bicycles are freedom; the ability to travel, explore, and be untethered is one of the main reasons we all love them. The euphoria felt by your last / perfect ride, however, can quickly be replaced with claustrophobia and panic as you try to cram your bike into your tiny downtown apartment.

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.bikeroar.com/tips/home-storage-ideas-for-your-bike

Picture source: saris.com


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    DeerMaN's storage solutions are somewhat less elegant - but very effective nonetheless!

    Basement - space for 5 bikes and two unbuilt frames / some wheels etc... Note the use of wall hangers to maximise space utilisation:

    Weekly Rotation - 3 active bikes in the hall - but I keep the expensive ones hidden away...

    Secret Cupboard - 1 heavy duty Burco in the hall closet for winter duties (also overflow from my son's bike collection).

  • Too many bikes? Seriously, do I need to talk to somebody? :0

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    Actually there is a bit of an art to parking 3 bikes in the hall without taking up too much space. It is also important to keep them spotlessly clean - visually they are nice to look at and are not messing up the hall. So far no comments from the neighbours so I guess I'm doing something right?

  • and sometimes I can even sneak one into the home office... ;)

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