Ham Ko Ham - Hungarian ethnic folk pop band singing about "a stolen bike"

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HAM KO HAM: founded in 2011, active in the roma folk pop genre. Topics: local stories in a high beat per second style! The story in this case evolves around not being able to go out at night anymore after last night, when due to an elevated (alcoholic) state the accident accourd! The empty glass of fröccs (wine + soda = sprizter) on Deák tér (central sqaure in Budapest) remained and one tire... the rest is gone. Fairwell my favourite steed! Watch the video. Learn about Hungary in 2020: fun, happy times and unusal cultural aspects.

This song is basically using the melody structure of Magna Cum Laude - Pálinka Dal from 2009

Ham Ko Ham - Elloptak a biciklim (refrain: my red-white bicycle got stolen)

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