How to take apart a Glockentretlager?

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This is a very big question for all of us here at As you will know, the Glockentretlager is the old bottom bracket technology found on all Waffenrads (and many other German/Austrian/Hungarian bicycles) prior to around the year 1970. The Glockentretlager is a press-fit design for a larger bore bottom bracket (40mm). After this, WR bottom brackets became smaller diameter (around 27mm) and cranks started using cotters. These are easy to take apart using standard tools and techniques.

So, if we are to service older (ie. pre-1970) Waffenrads, we need to understand how to disassemble the older Glocktretlager technology. Unfortunately, this knowledge has apparently been lost in the mists of time... BikeInfantry has provided the following links which are a good start:

Any further info would be much appreciated!


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