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“It’s not just an issue for late-round guys,” an NFL agent tells FanSided. “If you’re a middle-round pick, potentially with some character concerns, and you can’t get that one-on-one time with teams to look a head coach or GM in the eye, shake his hand, and address whatever issue might have shown up or convince them that you’re a fit for their locker room … you could go from being a third-round pick to a sixth-round pick.”NHL Team Logo Face Coverings Shop

And of course, there are critics or those talking on social media about me being named in this role. But I don't read the comments. When my friends try to tell me what people are saying on Twitter, I reply, "I don't care." I don't worry about the noise, and I don't want them to worry about it either. I've always said that as long as Coach Ron Rivera and the people inside the Washington Football Team organization know that I'm supposed to be there and feel comfortable enough to have me in this position -- because I earned it -- that's all that matters. And the team's growth matters. What other people say doesn't impact me.NFL Detroit Lions Team Face Coverings

Smith went 5-1 as Washington’s starter last season, helping them to win the NFC East. That he was able to be back on the field at all was a remarkable story after a serious leg injury in 2018 that eventually required multiple surgeries to clean out infection.NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Face Coverings

Davidson projects as a mid-round developmental tight end, like small-school products Dallas Goedert (Eagles) and Adam Trautman (Saints) before him. He’s a project, but most of the tight ends in the 2021 draft beyond Florida’s Kyle Pitts are projects.

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Robinson certainly isn’t the only receiving option in free agency, as there are also players like Curtis Samuel and Kenny Golladay who could be available. But if the Jags wanted to bring him back to town, it sounds like there could be mutual interest.

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The Kansas City Chiefs could be looking to add a cornerback in the 2021 NFL draft. The position is one of perpetual need in the NFL and the Chiefs could lose one or both starters to free agency this year. Kansas City has long been one of the best teams in the league at identifying fits for their scheme through unconventional means. Last season, the team didn’t have a single player that made a start at the cornerback position who was drafted earlier than the fourth round.

“The question I get a lot is, ‘Hey, would you be willing to draft a quarterback, would you be willing to draft a receiver, despite how strong your receivers are or where you are with Matt Ryan?’” Fontenot said. “And yes. Yes, yes, yes. We’re definitely going to acquire at both of those positions, and we’re going to work hard to bring in competition. But I hold both those guys in high regard.”NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Face Coverings

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