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Leading the 76ers to their first NBA Finals trip since 2001 could bolster his credentials for individual awards. The Sixers previously bottomed out in the standings for a shot at landing a franchise player like Embiid. They did have back-to-back 50-win seasons and consecutive trips to the East semis with Embiid but were swept out of the first round last season.Washington Wizards Design Face Coverings

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Wiseman, meanwhile, missed 11 games in February because of a sprained left wrist, and has experienced more growing pains throughout the year.Boston Celtics Design Face Coverings

“His heart wasn’t there. Who am I to judge and say James Harden is dead wrong how he was playing if his heart wasn’t in it?”Charlotte Hornets Design Face Coverings

Hall of Fame candidacy is evaluated based on a number of factors, but Green's three championships and consistent place over the past few years as one of the league's top overall defenders stand out on his resume.

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''It was just lonely. I think everybody was going through it. You took for granted your daily routines, whether it was getting breakfast in the morning or going to a movie at night,'' he said. ''I mean, 2020 was just such a year of reckoning, not only for the pandemic but for the social justice. We lost so many innocent people to violence. It was awful, Kobe going out and Gigi (Bryant), and on top of that in the fall I tear my Achilles. It was just probably the worst year of my life, guys. I lost my grandmother. It feels good to be back here. I feel love when I'm back in the Warriors facility.''

Kristaps Porzingis had 28 points and 14 rebounds against the Spurs while Luka Doncic recorded his eighth triple-double of the season and the 33rd of his career with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists.New York Knicks Design Face Coverings

Joe Carbone, Bryant's strength coach, 1995-2004: I was with him for one of his Nets workouts, and the look on Calipari's face the whole time was like, "holy s---." Calipari says, "Let me see you shoot the 3," and Kobe just starts stroking it effortlessly. So Cal says, "Take a few steps back." Boom. Swish. "Take a few more steps back." Boom. Swish. Cal says, "That's it, I'm done," and then, kinda to himself, he goes, "This guy's the next Jordan, I gotta get him."

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