waffenrad 97a



  • can you guys give me pls spectrum of price ? :)

  • @matod said:
    hmm i see so its not that old

    Hi Matod - BikeInfantry meant WWI. So the bike is probably from 1913 to 1918. It is very old indeed...

  • ah i see thank , you as experts can you tell me pls range of price?

  • @matod said:
    ah i see thank , you as experts can you tell me pls range of price?

    The best way to understand the price is to look for prices that similar bikes have been sold for. This is an extremely small market and so it is hard to find these transactions. I suggest that you speak to people in Austria (e.g. the Technical Museum) to see if they have experience that can be helpful in today's market. Factors that can influence the price include rarity and condition of the bike.

    At the beginning of this thread, I included an advertisement from Willhaben.at for a 1938 vintage Waffenrad in very good condition for Euro 1,200. This can be a starting point for pricing. Your bike is probably much rarer and also seems to be in good condition (needs some restoration but seems sound). So I think we can set the bottom of the price range at Euro 1,000 as an absolute minimum. The upper range may be several multiples of this, Euro 3,000 or 4,000? But again please talk to the Technical Museum to see if they have recent experience in the market.

    I will speak to BikeInfantry and we will give you a list of contacts in Austria who may also help with pricing.

  • Ok guys thx for lot of help, if i have more time i will see to it in wiena

  • Also try to contact https://josef.hammerle.me. He may well have some useful advice!

  • Another interesting price point - a Waffenrad Model 28 built in 1899 - Euro 5,300.


    Sammlungsauflösung.Dachbodenfund.Privat.Dieses spezielle Steyr Waffenrad Modell 28 Baujahr 1899 ist zum Erwerben.Das Rad ist komplett überarbeitet worden.Man sieht es auf den Bildern.Denn dieses Rad kann man schon als ANTIK bezeichnen und ist sicher ganz Selten.
    Beachten sie diverse Details.Aus der damaligen Werbung.
    1. Die neu Patentierte Hintergabel aus 2 übereinanderliegende Streben.Hidurch wurde eine Größere Steifigkeit erreicht.
    2. Den neuen Stärkeren Vordergabelkopf.
    3. Die neue Steuersperre und die Doppelt verstellbare Sattelstütze.
    4. Es ist nur ungefähr 200 mal erzeugt worden
    5. Das Rad ist liebevoll restauriert worden und ist Eines zuviel.
    6. Bitte beachten sie das Steuerkopfschild,das Später diese Merkmale nicht mehr hatte.2 Mal Überkreutzte ----.In ALU.
    Am Besten ist, sie kontacktieren mich.Mit Telefon 06801148323 nur bis 20 Uhr.
    Auch neugierig sein und schauen auf. WEITERE ANZEIGEN VON WITTI.
    Man findet mich auch unter der Ruprik Waffenradersatzteile.

    So I would say this puts your 97a in the price range that I suggested - Euro 3,000-4,000?

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    Continue boys! This is great! Excellent conversation!

  • Your Waffenrad 97A is wonderful, I am interested! 😉

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    3000 EUROs definitely!

    To start from a higher price could be the base for negitiations, optional bargain.

    4000 and go down till max 3000 could be something worth thinking about for collectors - most likely Western / Central European investors!

    Please check out this page for example titled

    Steyr-Waffenrad mit HMW-Fuchsmotor (no reserve)

    Realized price:
    EUR 2,990.-
    USD 3,500 .-

    There's even a market for cheaper bikes.

    c.1950 Steyr Waffenrad
    Link: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/16535/lot/70/

    And **Steyr Waffenrad "100 Jahre Steyr Puch" (ohne Limit)



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